Clear Vision for Fleet Risk

1st December 2015

Rayner Surgical Group, the country’s only manufacturer of intraocular lenses for cataract patients, has shown vision when it comes to managing its fleet of company vehicles.

Rayner based in Worthing, Sussex, has outsourced its fleet risk management by appointing Driver Intelligence and its web-based management system.


Driver Intelligence, based in Southfleet, Kent, responded to Rayner Surgical Group’s requirements to find a single outsource partner that could deliver programme efficiencies and, at the same time, improve the performance of its drivers in the company’s sales division.

Cepta Kelly, Rayner Surgical Group’s Legal Director, said: “We were looking for a service that took away as much involvement in the management of our cars and their drivers as possible. We wanted to hand everything to an external provider and Driver Intelligence was the ideal partner. Their comprehensive management system and friendly, knowledgeable team made the choice easy and we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

Driver Intelligence is a B2B fleet risk management company. Its aim is to provide clients with an ‘intelligent’ solution using a ‘Software as a Service’ delivery model, supported by a team of people dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Richard Burgess, Director at Driver Intelligence, said: “We work very closely with all of our clients to deliver a bespoke solution. In this instance, we'll provide Rayner Surgical Group with two distinct interfaces. 

“Firstly, administrator access will provide Rayner senior management with the functionality required to manage their vehicle fleet, whilst also fulfilling their duty of care obligations and, of course, providing management information on all aspects of the system. 

“Secondly, driver access will provide their drivers – both employees and their nominated drivers – with the ability to self-manage the vehicles they use for company business, whether company or privately owned, whilst also completing any or all risk management activities prescribed by the system. In doing so, drivers accept and acknowledge their own duties and responsibilities in order to protect any parties that may be exposed to their driving habits.”




Turning 'Grey Fleet' black-and-white

Turning 'Grey Fleet' black-and-white

Ricoh UK are maintaining their 'Grey Fleet' standards by using the Driver Intelligence management system.