Turning 'Grey Fleet' black-and-white

25th February 2016

There are many risks associated with grey fleet vehicles – those that are not company vehicles but are used for business.

The law is clear – a company still has a legal duty of care to its employees, regardless of vehicle ownership, so the grey fleet needs to be managed in exactly the same way as company owned or leased vehicles – which can be a headache for many fleet managers.


Driver Intelligence has developed a unique, comprehensive web-based management system that not only provides a simple solution to the grey fleet issue, it also enables companies to manage their driver and vehicle risk with ease and ensures their legal obligations are met.

John Robinson, Director at Driver Intelligence, said: “Our aim when developing the software was to provide a comprehensive yet ‘easy to use’ system that addressed all aspects of fleet risk in one place, from company policy, risk assessments and licence checks, to data reporting, driver training and everything in between!

“We knew from the very beginning that one of the most complicated areas that needed our attention was ‘grey fleet’, so we focused heavily on providing a simple solution that would finally make the management of company drivers and vehicles easy.

“Our clients have been impressed with the Driver Intelligence system and the efficiencies and cost savings it delivers. Having access to accurate data ensures that drivers and vehicles are managed more effectively for more informed decision making on risk mitigation.”


Case study: Ricoh UK - Maintaining ‘Grey Fleet’ Standards

Chris Haynes, Fleet & Business Travel Manager (UK & Ireland) for Ricoh UK, explains: “Driver Intelligence has partnered Ricoh UK for two years. The platform they use and the way that they work certainly takes the pressure off me as a Fleet Manager, particularly in dealing with the tricky area that is Grey Fleet compliance. 

“The system itself is a powerful web-portal which allows us to process lots of information, particularly in terms of vehicle details for our drivers.  Their system has the ability to look up vehicle data held on the DVLA database, thus providing accurate information that can be measured and monitored in accordance with our fairly stringent grey fleet policy requirements.

“The driving force from the Driver Intelligence team ensures that we actively monitor the status of all private cars used on company business; most importantly, they will communicate on an almost daily basis with both the payroll and expenses teams, keeping them informed should a driver’s vehicle become non-compliant.

“The reporting suite is where the system comes into its own. Reports can be quickly run, with the added benefit of them being exported straight into Excel and data easily found. With the way that the system gathers data - from the initial vehicle data input through to the checks and balances constantly taking place - I am able to interrogate the system via a myriad of filters in order to get to the data that I need. Other sites that I have used give you vast amounts of data, but it takes forever to drill down into the data that you want and need.

“In summary, Driver Intelligence has the knowledge and tools to provide Ricoh UK with confidence that we are complying with legislation and our Duty of Care. The link between us and our insurance company is a key component that allows us to be confident that we are reducing the risk profile in our fleet, whilst ensuring that we are investing in our people with training and e-learning.”

Driver Intelligence currently manages 2160 system users for Ricoh UK, including a grey fleet of 1041.





Clear Vision for Fleet Risk

Clear Vision for Fleet Risk

Rayner Surgical Group, the country’s only manufacturer of intraocular lenses for cataract patients, has shown vision when it comes to managing its fleet of company vehicles by appointing Driver Intelligence.